Tourist guide: Tomato pie, low cost pizza in Naples, Napoli, Italy

Find a Tomato pie in Naples, Italy at "La Focaccia" a Fuorigrotta, Napoli in Italia.
Focaccia, Tomato pie in the United State of America (USA), is type of pizza created in the late 19th early 20th century by Italian-American populations. Unlike typical New York-style pizza, which is closely related to Neapolitan pizza, tomato pie is derived heavily from Sicilian pizza, and as such can be found in predominantly Sicilian-American communities. Tomato pies are distinct from pizza due to the process of how they are created. They are built the opposite of pizza pies. Cheese and other toppings are added on first, then the tomato sauce.
The basic recipe for tomato pie calls for a thick, porous, focaccia-like dough covered with tomato sauce, more like a pizza than a covered pie, then sprinkled with grated romano cheese. Many bakeries andpizzerias have their own variation on this formula. It is not usually served straight from the oven, but allowed to cool and then consumed at room temperature or reheated. Like Sicilian pizza, tomato pie is baked in a large aluminium pan and served in square slices.

La Focaccia a Fuorigrotta, Naples, Italy, have their own variation: not only with tomato but with all kind of ingredients and serve it straight from the oven... very hot!!! Enjoy it...

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