Tourist guide: pizza strips, red bread, party pizza, strip pizza, bakery pizza in Naples, Italy

Are you looking for Pizza strips (also known as red bread, party pizza, strip pizza, or more commonly, bakery pizza) in Italy? You find it!!!
Pizza strips is a style of pizza common in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. They have a somewhat thick crust and are topped with a thick tomato sauce and oregano. Pizza strips are traditionally made with no cheese (though sometimes a bit of Parmesan cheese is sprinkled on) or toppings and are served at room temperature. Most are sold at small local bakeries. "Pizza strips" are baked in full size sheet pans which lend to their trademark size/shape since a full sheet pan is a 26" x 18" rectangle. Most bakeries will cut their product once down the center of the length of the pan resulting in two 9" by 26" sections and then cutting those sections into 9" by 3.25" "strips" yielding 16 strips per sheet pan. The predominant seller of "Pizza Strips" in Rhode Island is Superior bakery since they wholesale to a large number of resellers including gas stations, supermarkets, etc.

You can find Pizza strips, red breadparty pizzastrip pizza or bakery pizza in Naples, Napoli, Italy at "La Focaccia", via Giulio Cesare, 84, Napoli, Italia

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