A special kind of Italian Pizza in Naples (Napoli), Italy: La Focaccia a Fuorigrotta!

A special kind of Italian Pizza in Naples (Napoli) is a "Focaccia"!!!
What exactly is a focaccia? You could say it is a special kind of pizza. But, actually, a focaccia is...a focaccia! And "La Focaccia a Fuorigrotta", in Via Giulio Cesare, is the quintessence of this special kind of food. It is something unique, a magical place where many people from all over the city and its hinterland go just to have a taste of this "Gods' miracle". Mr. Ciro Bocciardo is the deus ex machina of Focaccia. Coming from a family of bakers, he and his family simply invented an art, which today is still highly appreciated by his guests. Located between the metro of Piazza Leopardi and Campi Flegrei, in Fuorigrotta, La Focaccia is one of the place to be, if you want to taste Naples, its food, and its extraordinary people!
Try our special pizza!!! Unforgettable!!!

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